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"Thank you to the greatest community. I have genuinely seen kindness from strangers. We love our community."

**Fostering change Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax deductable donation**

Fostering Change Foster Closet Land O' Lakes, Florida

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We will need volunteers! Due to the fantastic response of our community, we took in a lot of donations, and we need help to sort the donations so that items are easily found when they are needed. If you would like to help, please contact us today. If you have a high schooler that is looking for volunteer hours, we are happy to have them. 

Help To Supply Foster Children With What They Need

Save Just One Child and Make Their Life Better

Recently I heard this eye-opening story. After a major storm, an elderly man was on the shore, tossing back starfish that had been washed up on the beach, when a young boy walks up to him and says; "what are you doing, you'll never be able to save all of them you know." The elderly man looks at the boy as he tosses another starfish back into the ocean and says, "I saved that one, and I saved this one." That is the philosophy at Fostering Change Foster Closet. We can't save the world, but if we can save just one child and make their life better, it is all worth it.

Fostering Change Foster Closet is looking to help as many children as possible located at it's Land O' Lakes location of 10207 Land O Lakes Blvd, Land O Lakes, Florida 34638. It is a place for foster children to visit any time day or night, any day of the week, to get back a little piece of the normalcy that was ripped from them when they were removed from their living situation.

How we Help

When children are removed from their living conditions, they are frequently given a garbage bag and 5 minutes to gather their belongings before they leave. This is a traumatic experience for a child of any age, leaving them feeling empty, confused, and hopeless. Our foster closet is a place where foster parents can bring their foster children to get the necessary supplies that are needed: clothing, food, toothbrush, deodorant, etc... and a backpack of their very own too. The hope is to restore as much normalcy as possible back into the foster child's life. Our closet is a place where foster children in Pasco County, Florida, and surrounding areas can visit whenever they need. If they need new shoes for school, a prom dress for the big dance or pretty much anything else they may need, we are here for them. Our Location is welcoming and available 24 days, 7 days per week.

We also offer a place for foster children to have birthday parties. Some foster parents don't have access to a property to have birthday parties. Our location has a playground for children to come and enjoy themselves with friends and their foster families. A place to dream, a place to let go and well, be a kid! Our location is welcome & open to all foster children and children in need. 

Helping Teenaged Children Too

Teenage foster children often have the hardest time adjusting, especially if they have been in the fostering system for multiple years. This frequently leaves them hardened and lost in life without direction.

Each weekend we will have ALL-IN-1 Mobile Garage on-site for teenagers to learn a valuable trade. One weekend they will learn how to change oil; another weekend, they might learn how to change brakes. Our hope is two-fold; first to provide them a trusted place to visit and second, to learn a life skill that might lead them to a career in their adult life. At the very least, they will be able to work on their vehicles. 

The idea is to show them that they are loved, and they are valuable to society.


    501c3 Nonprofit

    Fostering Change Foster Closet is a nonprofit 501c3 organization that is always open to help children in need at no cost, so as you can imagine, donations are the lifeblood of our organization. Whether you have a used crib, sporting equipment, clothes, toys, or non-perishable foods, our organization will make sure that these items will get to those that need them and NEVER at a cost to the recipient. Monetary donations are also welcome to pay for the operational costs of the foster closet or to purchase items that children may need that haven't been donated. Business and organization donations are also very welcome. It takes a village to raise a child, and a team to help a community of children. 

    best places to donate used toys
    How Can You Help?

    Are you looking to make a difference in this world? We ask that you consider volunteering at Fostering Change Foster Closet. We need help maintaining the property so that it is a safe place for children to visit. Help is needed with hosting events and helping children and their foster families to shop in our closet. If you have a particular life skill that you would like to share with teenagers, or maybe you have a talent for teaching kids arts and crafts or even music, we would love to speak with you to see how we can best utilize your skills and abilities.   

    Chances are, you already shop with Amazon. Did you know know that they will donate a portion of your purchases to your favorite charity? Set up our closet as your charity now, before you make any other purchases. It is simple to do; just click this Amazon link and follow their simple instructions to set up. Thank you for helping us provide for children.


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    Contact Us Today

    If you have a child in need of supplies, please call us 24/7. We will meet you at our Foster Closet and help in anyway way we can. When a child visits our facility, our goal is to help them in some small way feel better by providing them with a backpack of their own, filled with the supplies that they need. NO TRASH BAGS HERE.

    Are you looking to make a difference? If you can help us help children, we are all ears. Volunteers are needed at the Foster Closet to maintain the property, help children that visit us, assist with birthday parties, etc… If you have a skill that you feel would be beneficial to the teenaged kids, please let us know!

    Are you a business, organization, or a kind-hearted person that is willing to donate monetarily or with supplies. Please call us to arrange a meeting.